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Enjoy the winter with your dog

Hund im Schnee - Bergresort Seefeld

Tips for walks and hikes. Holidays during winter are an experience not only for humans but for dogs too.

A thick fur? Not always!

Your dog has not clothes like you, therefore his fur has to protect him during the winter.  Before winter mother nature makes the fur for most dug races a little bit thicker. But not all races are blessed with such a gift from mother nature. An example for that is the Mexican Chihuahua. He was raised in warmer regions and has therefore a thinner fur. But not only the little dogs should wear clothes during summer, German Boxer or Dalmatian for example have a relatively thin fur.

Be careful with the paws

The dog’s paws are sensitive too. Extreme cold and anti-freezing substances such as salt or sand can harm the dog’s skin. Therefore you should rub your dog’s paws with Vaseline or some similar cremes.

After the walk

After you come home with your dog, first of all you should warm yourself. Then you should clean your dog’s paws by not allowing to lick his paws. By this you are not allowing your dog to put the anti-freezing substances into his mouth.

Use this tips and enjoy the winter holiday with your dog.

After a long hike in the snow is first announced to warm up for Mr Chen and the dog. Be sure to check the paws of your friend and to remove any existing cluster residues. Not that your dog ingests licking after the walk, the paws and grit, dirt, or even road salt. In particular, the Latter is very unhealthy for dogs. If you follow our tips for winter holidays in Seefeld, in Tirol, contrary to the common pleasure in the ice and snow nothing.

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