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Hiking in Seefeld, Tyrol

Wandern in unberührter Natur

The unique flora and fauna in Tyrol, the amazing landscape and the beautiful view attracts many hikers. Demanding and easy hiking trails make the rides through the mountains a great experience.


Hiking for Everyone

Anyone who likes hiking will love the Olympic region. 650 km of hiking trails guarantee unforgettable moments  for the whole family.


Remarkable landscapes are the home for uncountable plants and animals. Up to 4000 m grows the highest flowering plant in Europe, the Buttercup.

Austria is known for its amazing fauna. The alpine marmot is the most authentic alpine region animal.

The Fauna of Austria offers to admire many interesting ways. For example, the Alpine marmot. It is to be found in the mountains in a group of up to 20 animals. The marmot belongs to the third largest rodents in Europe and can also cope with the extreme weather conditions in the Alps. Deers will often cross your ways ad the Golden eagle will control the situation from high above.

Base camp Bergresort in Seefeld

The Hiking hotel Tyrol is an ideal base camp for your hiking trip.

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