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Holiday in Tyrol with your dog

Bergresort is a dog friendly hotel

Hund glücklich - Urlaub im Bergresort

You are looking forward to your holiday, but you don’t know how to do it with your dog. Where to leave your dog? These question is unnecessary, because the Bergresort is a dog friendly hotel. To enjoy your holiday with your dog to the fullest, we offer you a few tips for a perfect holiday.


Before a holiday with dogs

Inform yourself about the general entry and traveling regulations. In Austria a dog has to be vaccinated 21 days before entering the country. In addition a dog has to have a tatoo or a microchip with information about it’s owner.


Your family should put on safety belts during the drive to the hotel. But where is a safety place to transport a dog? Either the trunk or a special box for dog transport. No luggage should be in the trunk which could harm the dog. The special box for dog transport should be tied with a safety belt. Make enough brakes to keep your dog fresh. Enough food and water should also be taken with to keep he dog happy and healthy.

Arrival by train and plane

In the case of travel by train , you pay for the dog in case of a journey from Germany, the price of a child ticket. Exception are dogs taken in a transport bag declared luggage. The Deutsche Bahn AG only allows dogs at the size of a house cat. Similar regulations apply to the Austria ÖBB.

Regarding the airlines, there are no uniformed rules for transporting dogs.  Usually dogs up to 5 kg weight can be transported in the passenger area but locked in a special transportation box. Bigger dogs travel in the cargo area of a plane.

Holiday with your dog at the Bergresort

Rooms and suites are dog friendly and bookable at any time.

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Lovable kindness – just great

Frank | |

A hotel for dogs and people

Michaela | |

A very nice wellness hotel – an excellent service

Elke | |

A great hotel – relax and feel good

Renate | |

Amazing, relaxing holiday

Carola | |

A pretty hotel, amazing cuisine, very friendly!

Angelika | |

Kind and friendly staff – can’t be better!

KD | |

A great hotel for wellness and hiking with an amazing location

Nadi | |

A great hotel for wellness, relaxing and hiking

Ursula & Franz | |


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Holiday in Tyrol with your dog

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