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Summer vacation in Seefeld

Lakes surrounding the Region

Möserer See - Seefeld - Urlaub im Bergresort

Austria has some marvelous lakes. And some of them are surrounding Seefeld. Pack your hiking boots take your swimsuit on and experience exceptional nature. A hiking holiday in Seefeld will amaze you.

The Möserer lake

Swim in a natural originated lake. The lake is located in a protected park of nature. Swimming is allowed of course. The Möserer lake is one of the warmest lakes in Tyrol where swimming is allowed. It surely is worth a visit.

The Weidach lake in Leutasch

The Weidach lake is an amazing place for all fishing fans. From April till October fishing is allowed on this lake. The sea is 4.5 hectare big and is a perfect ground for every fisherman. A perfect combination of hiking and fishing is guaranteed.

The Wild lake in Seefeld

This lake offers two beaches and is something really special for every outdoor swimming lover. Enjoy peace, nature and bathing all at once! A cool refreshment during the hot summer days.

Natural phenomena in the Olympia region

When the glaciers and the snow melts a natural phenomena occurs. Two lakes are being formed in the middle of nowhere. The Wildmoos lake and the Lotten lake. The lakes are only there during summer. In years with less snow it can happen that the lakes miss a year.

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