Guided hikes

Discover nature with our mountain hiking guide Michal!

Winter hiking is quite modern in our time. Probably it is the longing for nature and originality. To be with yourself for a few hours and feel freedom with every step. Our Michal will be happy to suggest tours and provide you with all the details.

Walk with him on varied hiking trails, see the beauties of nature and let him explain things to you along the way. Hiking together to an alpine hut or standing on a peak is a wonderful feeling.

The right hiking equipment

When hiking in the mountains or on the plain it is important to pay attention to the appropriate hiking equipment. Only then hiking in Seefeld and elsewhere is fun and safe.

1. our checklist:
Good shoes; hiking backpack; fleece jacket or sweater; rain gear; sunglasses; sunscreen; lighter or match; cell phone or radio; money; ID; first aid kit; drinks; snack; hiking map; garbage bag;

2. additional hiking gear in winter months:
Gloves; wool hat; warm underwear.

3. additional hiking equipment:
Compass; altimeter; barometer; good hiking map; GPS (possibly); bivouac bag; backpack first-aid kit; rope; bags or better headlamp.

Tyrolean hiking markings & their meaning

The Tyrolean hiking trails are marked with yellow marker boards. They indicate the direction, name the destination, the hiking trail number (according to the hiking map) and the degree of difficulty. The degree of difficulty is marked with a red or black dot.

1. blue marked trails no longer exist. They now have no markings and apply to all easy trails.

2. red marking indicates hiking trails of medium difficulty. Narrows, steps and steep terrain may be encountered. Good hiking shoes and mountain equipment are necessary.

3. black marking indicates high alpine terrain and difficult, steep climbs. Climbing sections usually occur. These climbs are recommended only for experienced alpinists with very good equipment and experience.