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Guided hikes

Winter hiking is quite modern in our time. Probably it is the longing for nature and originality. Being with yourself for a few hours and feeling freedom with every step.

Winter program of the Olympiaregion Seefeld

Torchlight hike, track reading, get to know history, snowshoe hiking, piste bully ride and much more. - if you are on vacation in Seefeld, there are numerous possibilities how to spend your free time besides skiing and snowboarding.

Winter vacation with your dog

Imagine your dog stretching his white, snow-covered nose out of the snow and running towards you full of joy and playfulness. You romp with him through fresh powder snow, enjoy the fresh air and go out to eat together after an unforgettable day in the untouched nature of Tyrol.

Still no idea for Christmas?

This is also an annual Christmas custom for many: Christmas is approaching with giant steps and you still have no idea what to give. For all those who still have no gift just before Christmas Eve, we have a great tip.