Winter vacation with your dog

In the mountain resort we have everything that the four-legged heart desires.

Imagine your dog stretching his white, snow-covered nose out of the snow and running towards you full of joy and playfulness. You romp with him through fresh powder snow, enjoy the fresh air and go out to eat together after an unforgettable day in the untouched nature of Tyrol.

Sounds unreal? But that’s exactly what you can experience at Bergresort Seefeld with your four-legged friend. Even in winter, our dog-friendly hotel is open for you and your best friend. “We’ve often heard here that many people don’t have a dog because they can’t take it with them on vacation,” explains Melanie Kaltschmid, head of the Bergresort. “And here we offer dog owners the opportunity to vacation together. That really goes down great and the word keeps getting out.”

What Seefeld has to offer for your vacation with dog

Of course, you can also go skiing alone sometimes, then we take care of Wasti, Bello, Tiger or Killer. But you can also experience a particularly nice time together. In our Olympic region there are numerous hiking trails through the snowy landscape, where you and the furry nose can really let off steam. Here are three as a foretaste:

Hike around the Seefelder Wildsee

This beautiful round from the Seefeld pedestrian zone takes about one to two hours. If you like, you can also stop at Café Strandperle in between and rest a bit. But this route through the Tyrolean winter is very easy anyway and should not be a problem.

Hike to the Peace Bell

It’s best to start around 3:30 pm, because this easy hike takes about 90 minutes and leads up to the Peace Bell, which is rung daily at 5:00 pm. Along the way there is plenty of unspoiled, beautiful nature for you and your dog to enjoy.

Up to the Ropferstub’m

Also easy, but a little longer you are on the way to the Ropferstub’m. In return, once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with an incredibly beautiful view of the Seefeld winter. This hike is a must for your vacation with dog. It takes three to four hours.

A real winter vacation with a dog includes good food.

You can get that in our dog restaurant.
Here dog and master let the beautiful day end with a wonderful feast.
“After all, in front of the hotel should not be an end to the sweet togetherness.
If one has already spent the whole day in the Seefeld winter together,
one spends yes also still the evening together”, explains Melanie Kaltschmid further.
Simply reserve a table in our Tiroler Stube.
For you there is a tasty menu, for your dog different kinds of food,
water and always hearty treats.

The only thing missing is your reservation.
It is best to book your room for you and your dog immediately.
There are still a few places available in winter.