Hiking through Tyrol's nature

Many beautiful hiking routes extend over the mountains around Seefeld. At over 2,000 meters, you will discover the unique nature of Tyrol and will be additionally rewarded with a unique view over our region.

Highlights around Seefeld

A remarkable natural landscape awaits you on a tour of the mountains and alpine pastures. Here grow beautiful mountain flowers such as arnica, troll flowers, alpine aster and gentian, which is famous for Austria. At an altitude of up to 2,700 meters you will find edelweiss and auricula. Up to 4,000 meters grows the highest flowering plant in Europe, the glacier buttercup.

And then there is Austria’s diverse fauna. You will meet the alpine marmot in the mountains in groups of up to 20 animals. It is one of the largest rodents in Europe and can cope with the extreme weather conditions in the Alps. You also have the chance to spot an ibex or chamois. In the forest you can find typical wild animals such as deer, foxes, badgers, squirrels and the dormouse. And if you take a look at the sky, you might see a golden eagle or a bearded vulture flying over the mountains.

Hiking fun

For everyone who enjoys hiking. Whether you are a summit stormer, nature lover, pleasure hiker or looking for an adventure. On 650 kilometers of marked hiking, mountain and via ferrata routes you can expect a lot of fun, interesting places and cultural sights. And if you want to learn more about our Tyrolean culture and nature afterwards, a themed hike is just right.

Special hiking routes

Panoramic hike to the Seefelder Spitze

Take the funicular and the Seefelder Jochbahn up to the Seefelder Joch at 2,064 meters. Once there, walk the panoramic high trail to Seefelder Spitze at 2,220 meters. Later, you will walk back the same way. In total, you will be on the mountain for about 2 hours. The level of difficulty is easy to medium.


Via the Schönangersteig to the Reither Alm

Take the funicular from the valley station to the Rosshütte mountain station. Once at the top, walk over the Joch to the Lifthüttel. Via the path to Latschen you reach the Reither Kar. Here you need to be attentive, as the terrain is already a bit more challenging. A short climb later to the Hochanger, the trail leads back downhill over the ski slope to the Reither Alm. From there, a forest path leads in the direction of Seefeld. The difficulty level for this tour is medium to difficult, it takes about 3.5 hours.

The King’s Tour

This hike leads from the Seefelder Joch to the Seefelder Spitze on (2,220 m) and then on to the Reither Spitze at a lofty 2,373 meters to the Nördlinger Hütte. On this hike, things actually get tough. You must therefore be absolutely free of giddiness and sure-footed, as there are some difficult places in the high alpine railing up to the Reither Spitze, where you are only secured by wire ropes or can continue via a ladder. A few minutes later you will reach the Nördlinger refuge. From there it is about 45 minutes to the Härmelekopfbahn. This will then take you to the Rosshütte mountain station. The pure hiking time of this tour is 3 hours.

Mountain hiking with Michal

Guided hikes in Seefeld

Michal has been our mountain hiking guide in our mountain resort for three years. During the hikes offered free of charge with our Michal you can immerse yourself in our fascinating mountain world and forget about everyday life.

The mountains let us experience a journey with ourselves! When ideas that have arisen in our thoughts become experiences, we find the time to go into ourselves and we reach goals that we have been searching for. Discovering our own strengths, feeling ourselves and overcoming our own limits, this allows us to feel inner satisfaction and peace.

Michal introduces himself

Hello, my name is Michal. I come from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, where I grew up in a housing estate. You are wondering what I am doing here? As a child I was a competitive swimmer in international competitions. In the mountains and in nature I feel like a fish in water. They are a source of energy and endless inspiration for me. Nature is a wonderful medicine that is available to everyone. You just have to come down and open all your senses. Come with me and I will show you how.